Sunday, 3 June 2012

School daze...

We are suddenly at that stage in life when we need to choose a school for the boys.  I know I shouldn't say suddenly, as we have had four years to get here in the first place.  It just seems to have gone too quickly, and I am afraid I have dropped the ball on this one.  There is still time, I suppose, between now and next year March, but I feel dreadfully unprepared for what is, I feel at the moment, one of the most momentous decisions of my life.

We went to visit a school last week as part of the outings for the term at kindy.  They combined the school visit with participation in their school movement programme, a wonderful opportunity for the kids to see the "big" kids doing their exercises that have been designed to help with crossing the mid-line and promote concentration in class.  It was fantastic to see them all running and jumping, landing in circles and walking on the balance beam, with the principal smiling indulgently and on hand to answer any questions that the prospective parents had to ask.  I was impressed with my two (I always am, I am their mom, after all), but mostly for their wholehearted enthusiasm and ability to throw themselves into the activities without the self-consciousness that I am sure I had at their age.  I would have been the one holding back, standing where I could not be noticed, thinking "if I can only make it through without making an absolute idiot of myself I will be fine."  They had none of that hesitancy or self-doubt.  Not sure how that happened, but I fervently hope that air of competence and confidence stays!
At the end of the hour-long programme, they gathered the children around (about fifty in total) and talked through the reasons for the exercises, the improved muscle tone, better concentration, etc.  "Right, boys and girls," the principal rounded off the  little chat, "are there any questions you would like to ask?"

Not surprisingly, it was one of mine who raised his hand. 
"Is there a chance we could rather play at the park?" he asked loudly.

Oh well, I suppose we can scratch that school off the list now...

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  1. My heart goes out to you! We know we prepare them to 'fly' but each time the new phase comes.....the mother's heart needs to adjust again!Hope you find a great school :-)

  2. Too true - being a mother is about a little more heartache to accept and deal with every day as we watch them walk away. And we wouldn't have it any other way!