Sunday, 10 June 2012

The Bare Necessities...

Okay, so it was one of those conversations.  We were all lying on the bed, the boys had just had their bath and were snuggling up under the covers naked before getting into their pajamas for bed.  We were enjoying the silence when Paddy piped up.

"Daddy, what are these?"
We all look to see what he is referring to.  There is an awkward silence as the Sweetpea and I mentally tried to coerce each other into replying. 

"They feel like little balls," he adds conversationally into the silence.
"They are called testicles," the Sweetpea eventually says, obviously opting for the medical terminology.
"Mine are small," adds Paddy, "but yours are humongous, Daddy."

Much uncomfortable laughter ensues. A silence falls and I start praying that it spells the end of the conversation. No such luck.

"Can I see your little balls, Mama?" was the next question.  No way was I going to go there.
"Mummies don't have balls, darling," I say.
"Well what do they have, then?"
Little Miss Snoopy is by now shouting "Thanny, thanny," but the boys don't catch her drift.

The Sweetpea takes control of the situation with yet another medical explanation. "Blah...blah...uterus,  a house where the babies grow in their mummies' tummies, blah...blah...ovaries...." he drones on.

The boys listen with interest, but I fear, not much understanding.

A short while later, Sam says confidentially to Paddy: "Cool - we've got tentacles!"

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