Friday, 3 May 2013

Birthday madness

With three kids so close in age (Snoopy is two weeks after the boys), it is usually impossible to split the birthdays without causing ourselves much madness and mayhem.  After all, our anniversary is there in the middle of the birthdays too.  However, the romance tied into our anniversary usually consists of a wake-up kiss and then an almost-divorce when we try to put together the cakes that are invariably required for the next day (I am not sure how it always works out like this, but we seem to schedule the combined party for the day after our anniversary every year.  This year, I thought I was being clever and scheduled it a week away from the anniversary, only to find that I had been looking at the wrong month on the calendar, and bizarrely, the anniversary was once again the day before the party.  It's like Groundhog Day.).

Anyway, these are the cakes that almost caused another divorce in the family.  Having a technically-minded person who actually understands what is meant by the words "slide rule" and "randomised control study trial" (so not me), and a person who says helpful things like "I think it should go up a bit on the side that has the flowers" is not a match made in cake-decorating heaven. But all came right in the end. The boys had a pirate treasure chest this year, and Snoopy had a mermaid.  Needless to say, the treasure chest, with all the chocolate coins, was a hot favourite. 

The treasure chest

This is a very serious business!