Sunday, 9 December 2012

In the eye of the beholder...

Time for another post about the child's perspective.  I recently came across the following while downloading my camera images and realised that Little Miss Snoopy had managed to sneakily lift my camera from my bag, take a few photos and then turn the camera off and return it to the bag. I was totally confused by the photographs for a while, thinking "why on earth would I have taken that picture?"

A charming still life

Another "what on earth...?" moment
Almost some human life in there....
Until the culprit revealed herself on the photos...

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Bear-ly funny

Once again, we were off doing a locum in another part of the country.  We have found it a great way to spend time together as a family without having to worry too much about anything.  The places we go to are usually so small that there is almost no chance that a pregnant lady is going to come into the hospital in distress, so the Sweetpea has almost the whole weekend to spend with us while ostensibly "working".  We get to stay in lovely motels, and it is a like a paid holiday.  What could be better than spending a holiday earning money for doing nothing?

This last time was exactly the same.  After spending the weekend visiting every park and adventure playground in the vicinity (it's a small town - there were only two), we were back at our park of choice, the one the boys' insist on calling the Giant's Castle.  It actually looks so much like one that we have actually thought about applying to the local council with our suggestion for the re-naming of their "Queen Elizabeth Memorial Park".  I am not sure they would go for it though.

We were playing in the one section of the park when we saw some people running around the park carrying a huge brown stuffed bear, at least the same size as one of the boys.  Curious, when they got near us, we asked what they were doing, leaving the kids to play on the Jungle Jim behind us.  Apparently, the people were taking part in some sort of dare, where they had to take photos of the bear "doing" as many interesting things as possible - already he had been down the flying fox, been on a scooter, etc, and was now making his way around the park swinging on the kiddies' swings and going down the slides.  The bear's people then rushed off towards the Jungle Jim on which our lot were playing.  The kids had not noticed the people with the bear before then and were happily playing on the top level.  There was some discussion amongst the bear people as to how to get the bear up to the top to let it then go down the slide.  Eventually one of the guys (obviously the one with the most to prove), swung the bear with a mighty heave and threw it up onto the top of the Jungle Jim.  The huge brown beast came flying down through the branches of the overhead tree with a vengeance, and our lot, packed onto the same top level, were speechless with horror as they saw this menacing creature literally flying out of the tree to jump on top of them.

Little Miss Snoopy, the closest to where the bear landed, was having none of it - she had such a fright that she started screaming at the bear - the naughty creature - how dare he frighten her?  And then she burst into inconsolable tears.  The Sweetpea and I tried to comfort her, but I am afraid the situation was too funny for us to be of much use.