Monday, 17 March 2014

1006 reasons not to make a Minecraft cake...

For the twins birthday, we asked them what they would like for a cake.  Being iPad monsters at the moment (not that they are allowed much time, but hey, they'll take what they can get!), they of course decided that they wanted a Minecraft cake. Minecraft is a game that uses pixels to construct an imaginary world of trees, water and earth. Everything is perfectly square. I looked it up on the net and thought, how hard could that be?  Just a square cake, nothing fancy.  We'll do it.  Six and a half hours and two very frustrated parents later,  the task was done.  Ok, so it looked a teensy bit like a Pinterest fail, but the kids loved it!  The Sweetpea has made the proclamation that from now onwards, we buy the cake. This is why:

Reason number one:  You need to start with a perfectly square cake. This is harder than it sounds.

Reason number two:  You have to cover the cake in butter icing that is sufficiently sturdy to hold the weight of about a thousand small squares of fondant.

Reason number three:  You have to colour fondant icing into twelve different shades of green,  brown and blue:

Reason number four:  All the blocks you cut have to be exactly square. Also have to be about 2cm square.  There is no ruler this size.
Reason number five:  When you put the blocks on the cake, they have to meet across the cake from four sides.
Reason number six:  Blue fondant turns your teeth blue:

Reasons numbers 7 to 1006:  You have to cut a thousand little blocks:

Enough said!

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