Tuesday, 29 April 2014

The power of a woman....

Having a girl thrown into the mix really changes things up a bit in the play spectrum.  Before Little Miss Snoopy came along, the topics were invariably the same: two superheroes (depending on the flavour of the month, these varied from the innocent Fireman Sam, to the more heroic Ironman and eventually Wolverine, etc.) take on the world and innumerable bad guys to eventually emerge victorious on the other side.

Now, however, the game has changed.  I overheard them all playing in the toy room today:

Ironman:  "I will destroy you, Joker."
Superman:  "You will not catch me alive, Darth Vader."

Pause as they run around shrieking and jumping over the furniture.  Things fall over and crash down.

Then I hear the sound of the play stove lighting up and the pot being put on to boil.

Into the mayhem, Little Miss Snoopy pipes up: "Boys, it's time for lunch!"

When I look around the corner, there are the two heroes, sitting at the table, eating a hearty lunch of fried egg and a vienna sausage, complaining all the while but doing it anyway.  Little Miss Snoopy is busy rustling up something else on the stove and under protest, they are sitting there until the meal is finished.

Ah, Joker and Darth Vader, your evil attempts to make the superheroes succumb and give up crime-fighting are nothing compared to the ministrations of a good woman!

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  1. I love the way kids upset our politically correct ideas about gender. (But also how they get up to things that don't fit stereotypical ideas about gender either. )