Cast and characters

I thought you might like to know some more about me and my family - after all, you have taken the time to get this far in this blog!  Might be nice for us to feel like friends, so here goes (I would love to hear about your families too!):

I'll start with me, not because I am the most important (not by a long shot - even the dogs and cat take higher place!), but because you have to live with me wittering on in these blog pages, so you might as well know a little more, right?  I was born and raised in Africa, but now we live a long way from there, and while we love our new home, we miss our family and friends terribly! I can truly understand the benefit of having extended family around, just for the input they offer into the grandchildren's lives.  I seem to have spent my whole life studying something or another, and I probably will always be a student.  I wrote my PhD when my twins were two and a half, and my little girl had just been born.  Sucker for punishment? Perhaps! I am going to post a photo of myself as I like to think of myself - note that this is not how I look now!  Add approximately 1460 sleepless nights, 6840 dirty nappies, and a set of 4kg each twins and another 5kg baby girl, and you might have an inkling of what I look like now!

The part of my life that holds it all together, the one I rely on to keep me sane in a crazy world, is the Sweetpea.  We have known each other for about fifteen years now, and have been married for eight.  I honestly cannot imagine a life without him.  There have been times in my life when there is no way I could have dealt with all that was happening: at those times he was my rock and sounding board and support.  Apart from all of that, he makes a really good gorse-whacker.  And no, that is not some previously unheard-of perverse expression (read about it in the Fireman Sam and Fireman Paddy get down to the business of fighting fires).  He is an Obstetrician/Gynae consultant, though I am not sure if that is helpful to a pregnant mom of twins or not! Here is the love of my life, with one of the other loves of my life:

The boys, basically the stars of this blog, are the twins, Fireman Sam and Fireman Paddy.  They are three and a half, and I think the best (and most polite) way to describe them would be wild.  Not exactly naughty, really,  but very inquisitive, with sharp minds and truly wicked (in a good way) senses of fun and humour.  I think I never knew how to laugh before they came into my life.  Having twins has been the most fun I've ever had! 

Finally, but such a large part of our family that we could not function without her, is Little Miss Snoopy.  Razor sharp and full of mischief, there is no doubt about who rules the roost in our house.  Often we will catch the boys crying inconsolably because she has taken something from them (all seven kilograms of her).  She is tiny and delicate, and we are sure she will be a dancer, because she is always standing up on those beautiful little toes (granted, most of those times are tantrums, but still...).

So that is us!  Hope you feel like you now us a bit better now, and I hope we can get to know your families a bit too now!
Speak soon!


  1. I love what you are doing and it gives me hope, that one day I might pick up my own career again...where I left time I meet you I will have a million questions....number one-how did you mange to write a phd and have three children? Did you have any support? I mean a nanny or something like that? We do not have family here either and my partner studies part time while working full time....hence I am with the twins 24 h for 7 days a week. I was about to start a phd when I got the news that we were getting two for the price of one. Now everything has changed and I had to become a stay at home mum( complicated story why I can not pick up where I left things behind)..... Do not get me wrong, I do love being with m y babies, but I really loved my job and where it was going and I have a hard time accepting my new role, I guess.

  2. Hi Nina - I can totally relate to what you are saying. My kids are my life, and I absolutely love being with them, but sometimes a bit of adult conversation doesn't hurt, am I right? Just being able to think about things other than what to produce for supper (which they probably won't eat anyway), the next load of washing, or how dirty the carpets are getting. I spend the minimum time at work (2 days a week, split over four days, about 4 hours a day) and I have to admit to liking those times when I am out of the house and being a working girl again. I love to wear "grown-up" clothes instead of trackies and tee-shirts, I put on make-up and feel confident of myself as a woman, and not only as a mother. Although if I had to choose, work would come a very poor second! I think I will answer all of your questions as a blog page, perhaps, because I think other twin mums might also like to know! Thanks so much for your support, and love seeing you on the blog!