Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Just add water...

The high days of sun and summer are finally here.  I can't remember experiencing a proper summer in the past few years, but maybe that is just because I have mostly been inside with a child attached to my breast to be outside in the sun getting a (slight) tan and having fun in the sea.  But now, with the kids just that little bit older, the trips to the beach are not so much daunting as exhilarating, and everyone has fun for at least a morning without squealing to go home (I was always the first to do the squealing, let me tell you).

We have consequently been spending some halcyon days in the sun on the various beaches around us (and if you have not yet made the trip to Scorching bay, do yourself a favour and put that right immediately).  We were there recently and, apart from the teenagers who insisted on smoking something that had to be rolled up in paper and did not smell like tobacco, it was sheer heaven.  

We all swam, even the children ( which is unusual) and on the beach got into a conversation about God, much to the bemusement of the teenagers, who probably weren't functioning the best even when not high on what looked suspiciously like pot. 

"Could God drink the whole ocean?" asked Paddy.

"I suppose he could if he wanted to," I replied.
"Then he would get a very fat tummy," added Sam.

Little Miss Snoopy, bright as a button and obviously absorbing every word, threw in her comments:
"Just like Mummy," she said with satisfaction, patting my tummy happily.

Needless to say, the high-as-kites kids behind us thought this was the funniest thing they had ever heard. One even ended up on the sand, he was laughing so much.  I personally did not find it as funny as all that.