Monday, 30 April 2012

The usual suspects

The baby monitor is the parent's best friend (apart from a full-time live in house-keeper slash child minder, but who actually has one of those?).  I was in the kitchen when the three musketeers decided to go and play elsewhere.  I was in a crucial stage of clean-up, with my hands encased in long rubber gloves and involving a broom and copious amounts of strong detergent after someone had tipped a whole mess of who knows what out of the dust-buster and onto the floor and painted a picture with the result, so I decided to let them go for it.  They disappeared into the depths of my bedroom.

"Don't create havoc up there!" I yelled after them as a precaution that mainly satisfied my own misgivings only.
"No, Mama," they yelled back down.  "We're not doing anything."

For a while, all was quiet, and I went on with the mess disposal.  Then I had a brain-wave - switch on the baby monitor.  The child-part of it is located in my room so that I can tell if they are going to sleep or not from downstairs, but it is normally off during the day.  Nervously, and with my teeth, I managed to switch it on, my hands still out of action in the industrial-strength gloves.

And that's when I heard the fateful words from Sam: "And then if we move this, we can put all the animals into the tent too!"  

I started running, but I was too late.  Too late, as it turns out, to do anything about the makeshift "tent" built in the middle of the room out of the king-size duvet, all of the pillows off the bed, and inexplicably, a set of about ten DVD covers (minus the DVDs).  How on earth, in the space of a few minutes, did that happen?  And if not for the trusty monitor, what else could have happened?

It might have made the mess I was cleaning up in the kitchen look positively pretty...

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  1. At least you cannot fault them on innovation and creativeness :-)

  2. I just love reading your Blogs, Kez, they are SO amusing!

  3. I think innovation and creativeness should be measured in bucket loads, myself!