Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Addendum to the saga of the Laundry Spider

Sometimes I think a post just begs for a follow-up - this one is no exception to that rule.  

After the Sweetpea hurled the hapless Laundry Spider into the bushes, having rescued his child and woman from the ravages of the beast, we did not see the creature for some time.

I have off-loaded several (thousand) baskets of laundry, each time shaking out the pants and jackets in the off-chance that the spider has made his way back into the house again from his exile in the nether reaches of the garden.  Yet for a while, we have been ominously spider-free.

Until last week.  

I was walking into the house, carrying the large tub of laundry.  I know what you are thinking - there is the spider in the basket as usual.  Well, you would be wrong.  As I was walking into the house, the cat rushed past me from its hunting safari in the garden.  He was acting very suspicious, darting around and behaving in a generally sneaky way.  I followed him into the house and in the middle of the lounge carpet, he spat out his ill-gotten gains.  It was the Laundry Spider.  Or if it was not him, it was his twin brother.  Before we could stop him (we have grown quite fond of the spider in the loosest possible terms), the cat pounced on him and ate him down to the last wriggly scrap.

I have faith in that spider's ability to bounce back from all sorts of adversity, but I have a feeling that even he, with his numerous lives and sheer dogged tenacity, will have a hard time returning from this ultimate exile.

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  1. We have always been relatively bug free in the 11 years we have been in this house, we are selling and after a cleanup in workshop prior to our first prospective buyers visit I found a 3cm long 'thing' running along the floor, not even sure what it was, but not pretty. But it went up the vacuum cleaner, hopefully not to return!

  2. Na, he'll be back yet again...

  3. Strange, but when I was cleaning out the laundry, I found a tiny one. Coincidence? I think not!