Wednesday, 28 March 2012

A picture tells a thousand words

I don't want to give a shameless plug for a corporation, but we just had the best time at Junglerama!  I realise that it is supposed to be for kids - in fact all the adults were sitting on the outside with their cups of tea.  Not so the Sweetpea and I - we had a marvellous time "rescuing" our little darlings while clambering all over the structure from top to bottom and taking in several slides and the jumping castle on the way.  What a blast! I would have loved to have had a few more pics of the boys but there was pretty little chance of me catching up to them at the rate they were going!
Little Miss Snoopy catches sight of the slide for the first time

Hurtling down that slide...

In the ball pool

Down the slide of the jumping castle
Sweetpea takes a break from the action

The three munchkins

That was a really fast slide!

Spiderman climbs into his web

Both boys inside the tiger's head

Exhausted and red faced on the carousel after a long play

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