Saturday, 17 March 2012

Bad hair day....

Interesting conversations are part of the deal of parenthood, aren't they?  Kids just have such an amazing perspective on things.

Sam couldn't sleep, so he was lying with me and we were reading a book called "My book about me", a Dr Seuss classic that I had owned as a girl of seven years old.  It relies on the child filling in answers about their lives and we were looking back at the things I had written when I was seven.  We learned interesting things, like when I grew up I wanted to be a dancer/veterinarian, that my favourite colour was green, that my best friend in the world was Mitty, that it was 52 steps from my front door to the first tree, etc.  Also we discovered that I tended to be on the more practical and down to earth trend than on the imaginative side.  For example, for the question: "I eat like a.....a) Horse or b) Bird" I had crossed both answers out and written "I eat like a little girl!"  My indignation was evident in every pen stroke:  of course I did not eat like a horse! As if!

But it opened some interesting topics of conversation with Sam.  I asked him: "So what do you want to be when you grow up?"
"A bigger boy," he replied unhesitatingly.  (Ah, the apple does not fall far, etc, etc.).
"No," I said, "I mean when you are all grown up?" 
"I want to be a daddy," he said, after some thought.

"That's so nice! You want to be just like your daddy!" I said to him.

"Yes," he replied.  "Although then I will have to grow hairs all over me and that will be very tickly."

It was so sweet, that despite the hirsuteness factor, of all the jobs in the world (firemen and superheroes included), he wanted to be a daddy. Got to be some plus points  for the Sweetpea in there somewhere!

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