Friday, 10 February 2012

Hush, little babies, don't say a word...

Wow - the older they get, the harder the questions they ask!  I have to admit to being quite unprepared for the conversation that ensued after the bed-time story last night.  
The Sweetpea had been telling them the story of Samuel, and how God came and stood at his bedside and talked to him.  The boys were clearly not sure about that idea at all.  I think the idea of having God standing beside their beds was a bit daunting for them.

"Wow," I said, trying to rescue the situation, "that would be so cool, if we could speak to God like that and if He called us by our names?"
There was silence - the little minds were ticking over.  
"What kind of eyes does God have?" asked Sam eventually.
Hmmm, I thought, good question.  
"Well," I said slowly, to give myself time to think, "He has eyes that can see the whole world all at the same time."
The boys were quiet for all of two seconds.  
"Well what kind of body does he have then?" asked Paddy.
"I'm not sure," I said (the depths of theology are beyond me), "but I think it must be different to our bodies.  God is spirit."  Yeah right - try explaining that concept to a three-year old.  They seemed to accept my answer, because there were no more questions for a while.  

I put them into their beds, and the Sweetpea did his usual best job of getting them riled up and out of them again. I thought they had forgotten all about the conversation, until I sent Sam to turn off the bathroom light.  As he stumbled back in the dark, the wheels in his mind were obviously turning.  
"If God can see the whole world all at the same time," he asked, "can He also see in the dark?"

"Of course He can," I answered.
"Wow," said Paddy admiringly, "He must have been eating all of His carrots, then!"

There's not really much you can say after that, is there? 


  1. So precious! :-)

  2. Sometimes they say things that are so laugh-out-loud funny that you want to keep the memories forever! This is really helping - it's like a diary that I get to write of our lives - one day I'll be so pleased I took the time!

  3. Absolutely! Thanks for sharing your precious moments x

  4. I was inspired to start a new page to celebrate those little moments - that for that!