Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Little girl, big Dreams

If I could design anything that would make my life easier as a mom, items that would give me the upper hand in my hectic and chaotic life that always feels somewhat out of control, I wonder what they would be?  Given that this is an "if" scenario, the technological marvels would not have to be logical or even possible, but sometimes I wonder about what they would be.

Last night (or should I say in the early hours of this morning), I got up to answer the distress calls of one of my brood, and my unsuspecting, sleep-tender foot trod heavily on one of those cursed McDonald's Happy Meal toys (why they are happy, I have no idea.  We got given a bag of them by someone who was probably only too happy to be getting rid of the things as there is one that does not seem to have an off button.  It sings at all times of the day or night, and, but for the fact that it is one of the kiddies most favoured, would be in the bin as quickly as you can say "Unhappy Meal". Anyway...).  The one which was so conveniently placed at my bedside was a chipmunk with an umbrella made out of hard, indestructible (I know this fact through self-experimentation) plastic banana leaves, coincidentally all facing upwards at the same time.  As I cursed and hopped around the darkened room on one foot, trying not to wake the others up, I idly wondered what it would be like to have some kind of forewarning device to prevent this kind of thing from happening.  An alarm of some kind.  After all, it seems like every day that I tread on some kind of car/animal/doll/shoe placed at just the right level of invisibility at the bottom of the stairs or on the bathroom floor.  What about an anklet, attractive to look at, that would sound a sharp beep if what you are about to tread on is not pile carpet but the latest offering of your children?  The Alarm Anklet.  Now that would be a good idea.

Another thing I wouldn't mind having is some kind of locating device which would also let you know what your kids are doing.  Imagine the lack of stress if, when you shout out "what are you doing?" and they reply "nothing!", you can simply press a button on your watch and get a fly-on-the-wall, spy-camera view of all of the "nothing" that is going on.  You could then make an informed decision of how quickly you need to intervene in the "nothing", and whether you need to jump up from the loo instantly or if you have time to finish what you are doing first.  

And of course, what ever mother of busy kids would adore: a small, robotic vacuum cleaner that would silently and efficiently move around the house consuming all of the chicken bones/biscuit crumbs/popcorn bits etc. that you have neglected to clean up.  This type of thing used to be the dog's domain (which does explain why a lot of people who have kids also opt for dogs), but I recently saw one on the net that I thought would be a great idea. Sort of like a pool cleaner but for your house.  Might be quite creepy if you came upon it at work in the middle of the night though.  You would definitely need the Alarm Anklet then to avoid tripping over it!

Speaking of technology, the Sweetpea and I thought it would be hysterical if we gave the kids digital cameras and then sat back to see what they would take photos of.  And we weren't wrong! Today's pictures are courtesy of Sam - so interesting to see the perspective kiddies have of things!  Just love how he managed to take a photo of himself too!

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