Tuesday, 31 January 2012

It's the little things in life that matter...

Over the holidays, while we were staying with the grandparents, there just seemed to be a lot more quality time.  I am not sure if it is a placebo effect, but we just seemed to be less busy, possibly because there are always a couple of extra pairs of hands to get things done, like make supper, or look after the kids while you use the toilet so that you don't have all three in with you saying "what are you doing?" (and really wanting to know too!), etc.  I can really see the advantage of living in a community - what's that saying? It takes a village to raise a child? 
 I totally agree.

But the upshot of all the extra time was, well, time.  We got to do things that we normally don't get a chance to.  Night-times consist of rushing from supper, to bath, to teeth, to bed, to sleep.  But with the extra hands, we were all in bed in plenty of time, certainly enough for leisurely stories and long talks.  And we were not so tired that we could not give of ourselves at this part of the day too.  We started what has now become a tradition:  saying thank-you for something every night before we go to sleep.  We always ask the boys "what are you grateful for today?"  The answers are sometimes surprising, and always different, which is interesting in itself.  So far, they have been grateful for friends that they have been able to play with, for their new bunk beds, for lovely meals, for KFC and MacDonalds (both of which they hardly ever have, so I am not sure where that comes from), and of course for Mama and the Sweetpea and Little Miss Snoopy.  They have been happy about sand to play in, for a kitty to love, and for cars.  They have also mentioned the tent, the ability to be Spiderman, and for pretty much anything else they can think of.  The pattern is always the same though:
Me:  Boys, what are you grateful for today?
Boys:  Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh (until they think of something) Worms!

It has had the knock-on effect that they are more grateful for other things during the day.  When we narrowly avoided another car who shot across a stop-street, they were both grateful that we were safe.  Also they said they were glad I drove so well (yay - plus points for me!).

Little Miss Snoopy has obviously been listening in on all of these conversations too. I decided to ask her the same question the other night too.  She copies her brothers in everything:
Little Miss Snoopy:  Uhhhhhhhhhh (with the same expression on her face as the boys) Boobies!

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